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K I N C S E M  Hyper GT

Designed by Ian Callum CBE, iThe world’s first fully digital car company

The world’s first fully digital car company.

Born on the blockchain in strategic partnership with one of the great names of Formula 1TM

Using the latest technology from Formula 1TM combined with the beautiful lines of one of the world’s most admired car designers, this is a revolutionary approach to developing electrified vehicles. It will be developed in the world’s most advanced digital environment, and honed by the best automotive engineers.

The latest AI and blockchain technology give extraordinary transparency and control by shareholders over the development and production budget.

Qualified Investors only via Sygnum Bank.

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Named for greatness –  a name synonymous with remarkable success

Kincsem was a national treasure and a sporting icon. An Anglo-Hungarian Thoroughbred racehorse, the greatest racehorse of all-time: unbeaten in 54 races, she was an British-Hungarian phenomenon and a byword for effortless superiority.

British-Hungarian ultra-luxury electrified Supercar 

Launching in 2021, today’s KINCSEM – which translates to ‘my treasure’ – carries the same lineage, combining Hungarian vision with British talent. Dedicated to redefining world class luxury, all our products are built on uncompromising standards, incredible performance and trailblazing engineering and design.

Combining Hungarian vision and the greatest British names in design and technology to create a range of products that will set new standards. Our teams have spent years mastering the rules: now they will break them.

Our new KINCSEM supercar takes that heritage very seriously, and we are determined to develop the most sophisticated, most complete – and most beautiful – supercar in the world.



Designed by Ian Callum CBE, the first of a new kind

The soul of a high-revving F1 engine. The capabilities of a hybrid powertrain. The beauty of art in motion. This is the Kincsem Hyper-GT.

Developed in Britain and designed by CALLUM Design, led by Ian Callum CBE, this new, revolutionary hybrid utilises the very best in cutting-edge technology and bespoke personal engineering. We invite prospective owners to experience the world’s most advanced VR simulator, enabling them to understand exactly how the car behaves, while tailoring the steering and suspension to their precise preference. The next level of dynamic personalisation.

With only 54 Hyper-GTs to be created – in reverence to Kincsem the racehorse, who won 54 races from 54 starts – this is a defining moment in motorcar history.

Kincsem replaces customisation with personal engineering. From mid-2021, prospective owners will be able to use the world’s most advanced virtual reality simulator. Not only will they experience the car’s digital identical twin, they will also be able to tune the steering and suspension to their own preferences. Like racing drivers in the same team, each owner can decide their personal chassis settings.


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